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3 Tips for Picking Flowers

 Tips for picking flowers

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and it's time to start thinking about gifts. In 2016, we spent an estimated $2.4 billion on Mother's Day gifts, and the National Retail Federation recently held a survey that revealed 66% of those Mother's Day shoppers bought flowers.That's a lot of money to be spent at your local flower shops, or for flower delivery! But before you rush off to your local florist to pick up flowers for your mother, you should stop and think about what kind of bouquet you should get. Everyone knows that roses are red, but everyone also knows that a dozen of these flowers are best saved for romantic occasions, not for your mother. If you want to put together the perfect arrangement, then you need to put some thought into the best flowers for Mother's Day. A gift is a gesture of goodwill, and this is a gift to the woman that birthed you, after all!

One bouquet was enough for last year, but why not try two this year? Consider getting twice as many flowers for her. It's fine if they're identical bouquets, as long as they look good and are fresh. Matching bouquets in the same setting can look good, but she can also take one to work or another location where she spends her time.

Don't choose some boring old vase (or no vase at all!); add a little bit of variety. While a classic glass or crystal vase is perfect for any occasion, there are other options as well. Try to choose a pattern and design, something that complements the flowers in it. Talk to a florist and see what they recommend to compliment the flora. This way you give two gifts in one.

This can't be said enough: If your mother has a favorite color or flower, it's always a safe bet to go with that. Even if it's just a portion of the bouquet, be sure to include her favorites. For instance, a single rose in a sea of tulips will show her that you put some thought into your gift. It doesn't have to be the most used flower or color, but be sure to give your gift the personal touch. She's sure to love it either way, but the extra effort is always nice.

Getting a good gift for your mother on Mother's Day doesn't have to be complicated, but it should be a priority. A nice vase, a good-looking bouquet, and fresh-cut flowers -- all these things help when you're celebrating her special day. Most of all, make sure to tell her that you love her.


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