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5 Reasons to send flowers to people you love Blog

5 Reasons to Send Flowers to the People You Love All Year Round
There's hardly anything sweeter than receiving flowers from a friend or loved one, especially when it's "just because." Not only are they a beautiful reminder of friendship and love, they're a colorful addition to any room in your home or office.

If you've received flowers, you know how happy it can make a person. So why not send flowers to someone else?

Not sure when to send flowers? Here are five different occasions totally worthy of giving the gift of flowers.

  • Birthdays
What better way to make someone feel special on their birthday than sending flowers? Most local florists and flower shops will deliver flowers or have them ready for pickup, but the fact remains that nothing picks someone up quite like a fresh bouquet of flowers! Tulips only last approximately seven days, but they're sure to be gorgeous and full of life on your loved one's birthday.

  • Anniversaries

Even if it's not your anniversary, these are great occasions to send flowers to your friends and family. According to the American Society of Florists, Valentine's Day is the number one holiday for delivering flowers, but that doesn't mean anniversaries are any less special.

    • Thank You

Most people will simply send a thank you card in the mail (or plan to send a thank you card in the mail and then totally forget), but if a gift really means something special to you, a flower delivery should be in order. Not only is it a beautiful gift, you can add a nice thank you note in the bouquet you choose.

    • Promotion at Work

If someone you know or a loved one has just received good news about their job, why not send them some flowers? No matter the flowers, they're certain to be a wonderful congratulatory gift that shows just how much you care. You local flower shops may be able to include a customized congratulatory note as well.

    • Just Because

There's never a bad time to send flowers to someone you care about. Whether you were just thinking about them or want to make sure they have a great day, flowers are the perfect way to brighten up any ordinary week.

Floral arrangements have been depicted in art dating back to as early as 2500 BC. Clearly the first person to gift flowers was doing something right, as the tradition stands strong today.






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