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5 Spring flowers for Spring Blog

5 Beautiful Spring Flowers For Your Wedding


Spring is  one of the most beautiful times of year to be married. But there are so many  flowers to choose from, how will you pick a bloom to star in your wedding day  festivities? If you're still worrying about which flower will be your  centerpiece, we've created a short list of beautiful spring blooms that every  spring wedding can use.


For all of  your brides-to-be, here are some of the most popular spring wedding flowers for  you to consider.



Peonies are  a gorgeous, full flower with loads of petals. This is one of the most popular  blooms for spring weddings, as the fullness of the petals create a delicate yet  stunning centerpiece. Not only that, but peonies come in a wide variety of  colors, so there's no need to worry about this bloom clashing with your wedding  color scheme. The peony is truly an every-wedding flower for the spring.

Sweet Pea

This flower  might not be the star of the show, but its delicate stem and petals makes it  the perfect accent piece to any floral arrangement, bouquet, or table centerpiece.  If your main flowers are peonies and you need a little bit more color added to  the mix (without overpowering your arrangements), then these little flowers are  a simply gorgeous addition.




Not only do  they look amazing, lilacs bring a heavenly smell to any event. And spring is  the perfect time to get them from your local florist for a variety of floral  arrangements. These blooms come in a variety of warm colors and add a delicate  touch with their small petals.


You might  not be able to say it five times fast, but you can definitely add it to a  wedding floral arrangement for a bold statement! These blooms have a similar  appearance to peonies, but are even more packed with petals in bold, springtime  colors. If you're into a bold wedding look, make sure you ask your wedding  florist about ranunculus.


If you're  looking for a one-bloom centerpiece, hydrangeas are the way to go. Rather than  one set of petals, this bulbous plant is composed of multiple smaller blooms  for an explosion of light blues and purples. Like the peony and ranunculus,  hydrangeas provide a lot of body and volume to your floral arrangements. Not to  mention their gorgeous variety of colors!

No matter which of these blooms you choose, your  spring wedding will surely be a gorgeous day. And don't be afraid to splurge a  little! Floral arrangements are 7 to 8% of a typical wedding budget, and  they'll complete the look for your perfect day.






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