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How not to give flowers to the ones you love Blog

How NOT To Give Flowers To The People You Love 
Flowers make an excellent gift for any occasion, especially for the people we love. On Mother's Day 2016, Americans spent approximately $2.4 billion on flowers, according to the National Retail Federation. However, few Americans are aware of the language of flowers aside from the classics.
This can be particularly awkward when you send your partner birthday flowers traditionally meant for maternal figures. So how can you be sure to send the right kind of flowers for every occasion? Below are some general Dos and Don'ts of gifting fresh flowers to keep you safe from embarrassment.
Don't be too bold. If you're unsure of the meaning behind the colors of the flowers you choose, it's best not to go too bold with the flowers' vibrancy. For instance, yellow can mean happiness and friendship in the case of sunflowers and daffodils. But in the case of yellow carnations, the color means disappointment and disdain. Instead, try to stick to classic colors like red and orange, which symbolize passion and enthusiasm. Or, if you're more mild-mannered, stick to colors like blue and white.
Don't choose flowers that die too soon. Cut flowers may not last long, but some die quicker than others. This can often feel like a waste of money and it can also give the wrong idea to your loved one, especially if you're dating. Instead, try to purchase long-living flowers like carnations, roses, and orchids.
Don't choose flowers that are bad for animals.
If your loved one has a cat or dog, be sure to look up ratings of pet safety regarding the flowers and their pollen before you buy them. The last thing you want is for your partner's pet's life to be in your hands and your flowers in the garbage.
Don't forget to ask your loved ones questions in advance. A good rule of thumb is to know your loved ones' favorite flowers and to know what they're allergic to  Receiving birthday flowers is wonderful, but only if you're not sneezing through your thank yous.
Choosing the right birthday flowers or Mother's Day flowers can be a challenge if you aren't familiar with the meanings of the colors and the flowers themselves. After all, a florist has to be trained in more than just arrangements in order to professionally help their clients. Keep the meanings of the flowers you choose in mind in order the next time you consider a flower delivery for your loved one. You always want to send the right message.

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