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What's The Etiquette For Sending Flowers?
It's no secret that flowers are a popular gift choice. In fact, the annual spending on floral products in the U.S. alone is $26.6 billion. This is because flowers are a versatile gift that can be used to commemorate a special or solemn occasion.Yet, there's a certain etiquette that goes into gifting a floral arrangement. But what is the proper flower giving etiquette and when should I send a floral arrangement?
When should I send a floral arrangement?Many new adults may find themselves asking, "When should I send a floral arrangement?" This is a common question when you're not used to the etiquette of giving flowers or if you've only ever seen flowers given during solemn occasions. To help you out, here are some tips for proper etiquette when it comes to sending flowers for a variety of occasions.
Sympathy flowers. Sympathy flowers are often sent to the funeral home to be displayed during a memorial service or viewing, but it's important to learn about the plans for the service before you send them. Many people prefer donations made in their name to a charity rather than flowers. And many religious families don't display flowers.
Get well soon flowers.Get well soon flowers are a great gift for those who are bed-ridden or in the hospital. Before you bring them, though, be sure to ask if they're permitted in the hospital. Some flowers can put other patients at risk for allergy attacks and infection.
Romantic flowers.Roses or your partner's favorite flowers are often a common choice for romantic arrangements. However, it's worth noting that it may be better to have your flowers delivered to their place of residence rather than in public to keep them from experiencing unwanted attention.
Where can I order a flower delivery?
There are depictions of flower arrangements that date back as far as 2,500 BCE. Needless to say, floral arrangements and bouquets have been a popular gift choice for thousands of years.
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