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Short List of Some of the Most Popular Flowers in the World

Did you know that there are depictions of floral bouquets that date back to approximately 2500 BC? Gifting flowers is a tradition that goes way back in history. Despite its deep roots, the art of arranging and gifting flowers has changed quite a bit over time, and so have the most popular flowers themselves.
To help you gift the perfect anniversary flowers or graduation flowers, here's a short list of some of the best selling flowers in the world.
Roses are, simply put, an iconic flower. Not only do they symbolize romance, but other colors can serve different purposes. Roses are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Red roses and white roses are still the most popular by a long shot, but you can even purchase unique colors like black and blue at florists nationwide.
If you've ever been in a school play or musical, you're probably quite familiar with carnations. These flowers might be standard at high school theater productions, but they've been linked historically to Greece and Rome, especially in name. The root "carnis" is thought to have been a reference to the original pink hue of the blooms found in the Eternal City.
From the tiny blooms in your backyard to the colorful Gerbera daisies in your local florists' shops, there are many varieties of this flower. They have a simple design that makes them the subject of many childhood art projects and are often used to symbolize joy and innocence.
You probably know these flowers from the beautiful displays in Holland. Tulips became widely popular in the Netherlands back in the 17th century, which is why the nation now has miles of gorgeous tulip fields. Tulips are commonly gifted during the spring, as that's when they normally bloom. This makes them fantastic for graduation flowers and for those spring wedding floral arrangements.
These are only a few of the countless types of flowers in the world, but they're certainly among the most popular. If you're ever unsure of what kind of flowers to give to your loved ones, these are always great choices.

Popular Flowers in Charlotte Blog